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Dang You Easter Bunny!

5 May




Hello friends!

Happy Sunday! As luck would have it, I was able to wear my contacts today without experiencing excruciating pain. Naturally, this meant that I would have a full schedule of outdoor activities. The agenda: a long run, a long bike ride, maybe a stroll through Eastern Market, and then some random explorations – and not in any particular order.

The morning started off and I advised the husband that if he would rather ride in the a.m. instead of the afternoon I was down. I prefaced the morning like this because I knew if I ventured off for a run I might be gone for an hour or two and I didn’t want to take up his valuable time by him waiting for my return. Sometimes I can get lost in my run and what might feel like an hour in reality might be two or two and a half hours. I’m not counting –seriously.  I am doing my best trying to be cognizant of my time (which is hard when I’m engaged in the things I enjoy) and his.  The husband recognized my efforts to put his interests before mine. Granted I like riding, but my first love is running.

The morning begins. I make the Mr. a great breakfast. Think egg McMuffin but better! Three fluffy eggs on a toasted English muffin smeared with baby Swiss cheese, a sprinkle of sea salt and pepper, with turkey bacon, and a healthy serving of sliced avocado. That paired with coffee with a little something, something, Emmets Irish Cream (it’s Sunday!) and who could complain? We throw our gear on, pump up our bikes and try to head out the door.


My rear tire is flat. We just pumped air in it to 115 psi and it went down to 40 psi. It should be between 100 and 120, not 40. Come on! We do it again. Seconds later it is flat. Okay, so we drive to our local bike shop (we should be riding at this time) and arrive to fix the flat. This is supposed to be a quick stop. An hour later we leave with a new tube, a couple of gadgets, and a CycleOps Fluid 2 Bike Trainer. Really? We were there to fix a $6 part and we left close to $400 poorer. Ugh! Why does my/our athleticism rob me of our cash? At the end of the day, take a look at all the running gadgets (#Garmin) and the running shoes (#Newton, #Hellobetter, #newtonrunning), the road bikes, the cycling attire (Pearl Izumi), the list goes on that I/we own. Add it all up. Please. Add it all up!!! I could easily own several Michael Kors purses as well as Jimmy Choo shoes and Christian Louboutins. What I’m telling you is I’ve got great taste but something is happening to me. Rather than dropping the dough to adorn me in the dress code for the Scottsdale club scene, yes that is/was a version of me, I’d rather drop the money on all things that make me sweat off the dance floor. I’m transforming into an athletic stylista fashionista who would rather frolic around in colorful Newton running shoes, a neon bright Lululemon Tata Tata Tamer sports bra, Lululemon Speed Shorts that match my bra, and the matching headband. What’s funny is you’ll see me wearing less running than at the club. Because the running paths have no rules about taking your shirt off. What, I’m hot! My humps are still covered.

Anyways, back to today. We dropped some mullah. I had a mini-heart attack because I can’t flash what we bought around my shoulder…Just kidding. I just had a mini-heart attack because believe it or not, I’m conservative with cash and hate spending money. However, I must brag that we bought the trainer because it was on sale and it was a hell of a deal.

Back to today. We came back from the bike shop with a tire full of air. Put that sucker on my bike and headed out. We ventured to a store first a few miles away to buy gear we need for our upcoming Ragnar Relay Race in Cape Cod. Approximately a 5 mile trek toward Clarendon and there we were. We bought a headlight and some reflective gear. On our way back home to drop the stuff off to finally head out for a long ride, winds picked up 25+ miles per hour. Getting home was torturous: the wind; the traffic; the hills; and the downhills. Holy crap I HATE riding downhill. The speed freaks me out. It’s unlike snowboarding because when you pick up speed snowboarding you can fall on snow which causes little pain and the likeliness of skid marks…well, it’s unlikely. Going down Walter Reed road had my stomach in knots. Halfway down and I hopped off my bike and walked down. Yup! I’m a pansy. Paul just cruised on down picking up pace every second. Me, I was a chicken shit and met him at the bottom of the hill a few minutes later.

When we arrived back to our place our intent was to drop off the goodies we bought for Ragnar. But with the wind being intolerable we opted to save our long ride for another day. There you have it, there was NO long ride. There was no long ride, no run, and no random adventures. I could not tolerate this. I was totally bummed out. Sunday was supposed to be our day full of activity!

There we were in our apartment with only 10 miles worth of a bike ride. I asked if Paul was interested in a shot of tequila with me to lessen the sting of not putting in 20+ miles but he wasn’t.  So I grabbed a beer and sipped on it while I grazed on a few pretzels dipped in hummus (if you know me, this is quintessential of me). Then, well then I had hunger pangs for chocolate. Ugh!  Thank you Easter Bunny for leaving me with several REESE’S Fast Breaks. That’s right, I devoured the REESE’S peanut butter and soft nougat covered in deliciously rich milk chocolate candy bar. The 260 calories of goodness left me feeling  guilty that my bike ride wasn’t longer and that I hadn’t run yet. Oh wait, 260 calories of chocolatey goodness and half a beer – shoot, I just consumed close to 400 calories of yummy goodness that I didn’t deserve.

Thank you, Easter Bunny. Because of the Easter Bunny, I stuck to my Sunday agenda. Although the bike ride was cut short due to the flat and the wind, the chocolate and beer mandated that I lace up. And lace up I did.

I put my Newton’s on, gave the Mr. a kiss, gave the puppies a little squishy squishy, and I headed out the door. I walked outside and let the satellites sync with my Garmin. I hit the button “Run” and run I did. I intended to go out for a slow run; a slow 8:30-9:00 minute pace per mile. Instead, every time I glanced down at my Garmin it read 7:15, or 7:45. From time to time it flashed 8:13, or 8:45 on hill. I didn’t care. I was just out there to burn off that damn candy bar (thanks, Easter bunny), and to prep for my Ragnar Relay Race in Cape Cod. As I was running, I stayed focused on my form and my cadence. I bent my knees, I kicked up, I drove forward,  and I breathed through my stomach.

 I couldn’t help but to think, and think a lot. I always think when I run. I think of my past, my present, and my future. I work out all my problems and find solutions. I couldn’t believe just how much I was thinking about during this run in particular. You ask, what was I thinking about?  I was thinking about love; life; where I am at personally and professionally; what will come of my decision to change my Master’s (if I go through with it); will I qualify for Boston; can I qualify for Boston racing a half marathon; I need to run a flat and fast marathon for Boston;  I can totally do Boston – I got this, I just need to struggle a bit more; oh geez, family – the grandparents moved this weekend into their new place, I wonder how they like it; I miss my grandparents; I miss their pasta and desserts; damn those desserts; damn you REESE’S;  I miss Phoenix/Scottsdale;  dang it’s kind of hot right now;  I think I’m actually getting burnt;  ooooow, he’s got his shirt off – hello Spring, hello summer;  Paul would like that girl’s ass, look at it, it’s so round;  maybe I should start doing more squats; I have no ass;  Paul’s a trooper man – he’s going to run Ragnar; how much longer until I’m done; geez –beer me already…etc. The list continues.

And then I stopped. I stopped 10 miles later and I can’t really tell you the answers to my problems but I assure you I came across them and attacked them during my 7:30 pace! Yup, that’s right, 10 miles with an average pace of 7:30/mile. I managed to work through my problems/concerns with no room for difficulty.  I managed to let them all roll off my shoulder. I also managed to burn off the REESES’s candy bar, the half beer, and fall more in love with the new city that I’m in. Even though I cursed the Easter bunny earlier for leaving chocolate candy at my disposal and me not having the willpower not to eat it, I’m blessed at the least that the Easter bunny dropped by a few weeks back and in an indirect way, motivated me today to get out and sweat while I explored the city.

So yes, because I was able to wear my contacts today without experiencing excruciating pain, I was able to fulfill most of the obligations on my schedule today. Maybe not all of them, but most, and it was glorious!!!

Thanks for reading!!!  

Happy Sunday!  







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