Forever is a Slow Dance

6 Jun

For me running is a fire no one can tame…the storm is currently disguised as an injury and the undercurrent is strong.. It’s a slow dance. A doggy-paddle to get back to shore.

Hmmm…Forever is a slow dance.

The commonality between running and life. Sheesh!

The waves of pain and setbacks sweep over me and there’s no need to fight the current anymore. I’ve learned that you’ll always end up right where you belong. You can’t fight the current-you must weather the storm.

Being in this predicament is actually neutral territory. I’ve got your number. Oh darling, I know the game. The whole course. The curve of each bend. The pull of each undercurrent strengthened by the storms. We have been here before. But I remind myself not to get too comfortable just because it feels and looks familiar. Truth is the weather can’t truly be forecasted-it can get moody. The course may be the same but I’ve changed how I run it. Doggy paddle and all. I’m equipped to make it to shore this round…with you BQ!

This is about my struggles with my love affairs (running, BQ, you). The ebb and flow of the course of life, or is it discourse, is remarkable. It takes us to new destinations and heightens our senses. The waves of emotion take over. The similarities of my love for running and with you capsize me. Each time. This really has been a slow dance towards forever. A doggy-paddle. 

The simple life looks so good on paper. But who wants that? It’s dull. I want to be swept away by the current and forecast of life, running and love. This dance, or doggy-paddle has given me faith in the journey. The weather has challenged me but I’m always swept away by waves of enthusiasm that we will make it to land. 

Running and my love for you-it isn’t an ordinary love or grubby kind of affair, it’s a slow dance to forever once you make it to shore. I have a fresh pleasing wave of disbelief that we weathered the storms (bum hip and all). I believe we will find ourselves dancing to the promise of tomorrows with the subtle sounds of the waves crashing on shore-proof that we finally made it out.

What are you swept away by?

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