Trouble with the BQ

10 Sep

Hi friends!

Happy Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday, right? For the past few weeks I’ve been fortunate enough to live out of a suitcase. The days blend together. I was in Atlanta, Phoenix, and Miami.

I spent time with family in Arizona but the memory feels too surreal and too distant. It feels as if my visit with family was a mirage rather than a reality. My time spent, which was approximately one week, was dwarfed with the ruthlessness of time and obligations. Obligations such as work, my master’s program, the promise to visit family and the disappointment that I was faced with when I had to break plans to visit with friends because of other external variables. In addition, the contention I met in my attempts to maintain my commitment to train for my upcoming marathon-my efforts were desultory-at best.

I’m not complaining. I’m just stating the obvious. I’m busy. But I recognize that you too, are busy. So I ask you this, how do you balance your day and adjust the expectations you have of yourself? How do you do it when there are so many other obligations to fulfill? How do you prioritize your commitments? Do you feel selfish to put your athletic/endurance goals ahead of others, like a BQ? Sometimes I do.

Moments when I feel selfish I recall why I love running. I recognize it takes away time that would otherwise be obligated towards other things. Things like building and growing other relationships. The truth is running affords me the opportunity to build and grow the relationship I have with myself. It’s special. I’ve learned over the years that I really like being around me. I love quiet time. I love turning the chaos off. That’s when I turn to running. When I’m not running you can find me reading, writing, cooking, and/or playing with the pup pups. These things, among several others, fulfill me! In the past I lived in a world that didn’t have definitive lines between boredom and contentment. I lived in a space that was familiar and replicable. Today, running, and the addition of all my professional and educational pursuits help to push me beyond those barriers. Point in case, running forces me to grow in realms not otherwise connected.

The reticulum of things and people linked by the pursuit of sweat and testing the human spirit promised by running and the lifestyle that becomes of you is intriguing. It’s almost embarrassing!!! Running makes you hopeful to expect more from yourself. You can do hard things! You can’t expect more from yourself unless you imagine it. And I imagine a Boston Qualifier (BQ). Not today. Not tomorrow. But soon…after successful, disciplined, and consistent training.

But how do you train for a BQ when life happens? How do you disconnect from the day-to-day demands and shift your focus to a BQ training plan without guilt? How do you evaluate priorities?

There are days I want to ignore the computer, the laptop, the iPad, the iPhone, the emails, etc. I want to disconnect. I don’t want to read the news, the tweets, the Facebook updates, or any feed for that matter. I want to be in the moment. I want to escape technology that always makes me available. I want to run for three hours and not delude others of my ambitious endeavor for fear of being judged.

There’s this obscure cultural criticism cast upon the running community because non-runners don’t understand us. I recognize this. That’s why I am asking you, how do you cope with it? How do you plan your days when so many hours of your day are dedicated to your ambitions, like mine, to BOSTON QUALIFY?

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to your feedback and responses!







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