The C Word

6 Sep

Hi friends,

Happy Saturday!

So…there’s a lot going on in my world. There’s also a lot going on in the world of my friends. I’m so blessed and fortunate to have these incredible women and their men in my life. I feel like my life is richer with them in it.

I’ve experienced sorrow, heartache, loss, love, laughter, joy and so much more in the span of the past year (if not every day). When I run, I reflect on these emotions. Sometimes that’s the only reason why I run-to reflect.

Today I ran. It was a hard run. My legs were heavy, like my heart. My heart is still heavy. I was thinking about those who were in my life for a few seasons and those that I know will remain for a lifetime. I was thinking about their individual struggles and how incredible it is that they feel comfortable to share the intimate details with me.

What I’m saying is, shame on me for fixating on the things that don’t really matter. I began to think about what doesn’t matter: being over-analytical, stressing about the what-ifs, worrying about what others think…What does matter is my health, my family’s health, the health of my friends, and everyone’s happiness. Work matters, but doesn’t take the number one slot.

Then I began to think about work. I love my job. Sure I work with difficult people. But why have I allowed these difficult people to overwhelm me with insecurities? I had a eureka moment.

I recently received unfortunate news. A beautiful woman, inside and out, who I call a friend, is faced to cope with the reality that one of her family members has terminal cancer. The worse C word ever. She knows cancer is relentless. The reality is stark. Yet she finds a way to carry her head high and take on the day. Prayers help. And prayers we give.

My point is, I recognize I’ve been fretting about how to compose myself when faced to work with difficult people. The truth is, I should be so lucky to work with said difficult people¬†because they’re not as relentless as cancer. So I curb my tongued.

Momentarily. F*ck you CANCER!!!

We should all take a minute, or a run, to reflect on just how fortunate we truly are. We may be going through a difficult day, or perhaps our darkest of days, but I ask you to reflect and to remember that someone has it worse.

For my friend, I just want to tell you, you are an incredibly courageous, beautiful, independent, smart, sassy and loving friend, daughter, girlfriend and so much more. My heart and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. I will help you in any way I can to stand up against cancer.

I love you.

Find solace and peace in your prayers, in your family, in your friends, and in run.



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