The Running Funk

1 Aug

I Don't Want To

This is me. No, really. This is me.

This is my inner child. My inner child is almost always springy, vibrant and doing the happy dance because: I just crushed my running goals, played with the puppies and Silas made turkey gobble gobble sounds that put me in gut-wrenching hysterics, or because I have gummy bears and sprinkles on my froyo.

As you can see, I’m not springy, vibrant or doing the happy dance. I’m having a temper-tantrum. I’m completely and utterly unmotivated to lace up and go run. I tried to run yesterday but after one brief mile I threw my hands up and said better luck manana. Today is manana and I still don’t want to get out there. What is going on with me?

My hamstrings are tight. My shoulders hurt. My back hurts. I feel like the kiddo from Pixar’s film, Up.

Russell: [Whining] I’m tired! My knee hurts!

Carl Fredricksen: Which knee?

Russell: …My elbow hurts!

Am I having phantom pains to excuse my lack of commitment to run? Or am I just whining?

Uh oh. Is this The Running Funk?

I’ve been driven to crush my goals and measure my progress by racing; however, this time of year there aren’t many races that cater to my wants. I can do fun runs, 5ks, Ragnar Relays etc. They are all great and fun but they don’t satiate my hunger for endurance and self-discipline. They don’t test my limits or my spirit. That’s where I get my thrill.

What’s the alternative to gauge my progress? All my goals are months out. I run. I train. I cross-train. When I do partake in these activities, I do so with intensity.  But I lack a formal training plan right now and I think this is the reason for my running funk. I think this is where my objection to go running stems from. I need structure. I need deadlines. I need a race that makes me feel inferior so that when I cross the finish line my inner child sticks out her tongue and says “nanna, nanna, nanna!”

But theses races are months away.

How do I fight the running funk that is now?

It’s not a performance plateau running funk. It’s not an injury endorsed running funk. It’s a mental running funk.

Suggestions are welcomed!

Until then, my inner child and I are going to go out for a run (even though she doesn’t want to). The notion is making her unpleasant and her behavior is very disruptive. I will defend the need for a run by telling her we need to get the BQ marathon monkey off our back. Ooooh, monkeys! The gentle distraction from running to monkeys puts a sparkle in her eyes and has altered her frustration to that of amusement! That and the promise of some froyo with gummy bears disguised by a layer of colorful sprinkles.

Oh inner child…let’s run. Let’s run this funk out.

Happy Running!

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