But I’m Tired & I’m Sore

27 Jul

After waking up with sore muscles I struggled with the idea of working out. To get my mind off of it, I got lost in Sunday morning. I made my husband a yummy breakfast since he was working and I was delighted to receive his approval with a five star rating! I then spent the next hour sipping my coffee as I blogged about the Spartan race. After blogging about the race, I mustered up the energy to change into my athletic attire and head to the downstairs gym.

I got as far as changing. I was getting ready to put my shoes on when I decided I to prep dinner. I took two steaks out of the freezer from Omaha Steaks to thaw (just a small fraction of the generous assortment of goodies we received from our mom-thank you, Jan!). Then I decided to fold the laundry. I kept looking around for more tasks to complete other than my school assignment to avoid the gym.

What has gotten into me? I love the gym…But I kept thinking, I’m tired and I’m sore.

It came down to gym or homework. I opted for the gym.

Today’s sweat session was different from my normal running routine. I gave my legs a bit of rest while I killed it on the elliptical! A good hour on that baby had me soaked in sweat. Ahhh, the sweat life. How I love thee!!! I couldn’t believe I was going to give in to a rest day. Why would I ever willingly trade a training day of sorts for a rest day? I love the feeling of accomplishment. I love feeling cleansed and empty! I love knowing I have a glass of Silk chocolate milk waiting for me! (Or a beer).

After a quick hour I parted from the elliptical, my trusted backup plan if I’m not running or on the bike. I headed over to the yoga studio to work on my abs. I dread doing abs. It’s the bane of my existence. Ok, not really. I just hate them. I know having a strong core is necessary, especially in all that I want to accomplish fitness wise but I hate them. I get into really good routines incorporating them in, then I fall off. Some days it looks like I have nice definition and other days, there’s no definition-evidence of Spartan race pictures. Today I reminded myself that abs were necessary. So I forced myself to complete a few sets of plank and pike among others. Ugh. I think this is how some people feel towards running. I get it…

After my ab sesh, I returned home feeling revived and the soreness from the morning dissipated. I enjoyed my Silk chocolate milk and proceeded with my household chores until a wonderful girlfriend invited me for coffee.

I warned her of my current sweaty state but she didn’t mind. I put a leash on Silas (our boxer pup) and walked down the street to visit with her. That’s the great thing about where we live-the community cultivates an environment that is car-free, walkable, and dog-friendly. As we sipped on iced coffee (I indulged-there goes my ab workout, hehe) and chatted, Silas met new friends (humans and other fur buddies) and slurped water from one of many water bowls.

When it was time to go, I couldn’t help but to feel even more refreshed and accomplished. My lazy Sunday has been nothing but lazy. It has however, been very relaxed in the sense that I have had no itinerary.

I achieved a lot today (except for my homework). Most importantly, I have enjoyed everything around me. Today is a gift and I am blessed to have been able to risen and care for the ones I love, including puppies, and been able to sweat. It’s the little things.

I hope you’ve had a blessed day and been given an opportunity to do what you love to recharge for the next work week, all while loving unconditionally all those around you. Take a minute to be thankful. Breathe in the beauty of the day.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Sunday!





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