You Can’t Have a Resurrection Before the Crucifixion

27 Jun

Hey friends!!!

I hope you’re well! So geez, I’m on my third Garmin Forerunner 620! That’s right, my friggin third!

On Monday I took my new Garmin out, and my new Newtons (best surprise ever from my hubby!!!) for a quick 3 miler. I was trying to cope with my mom’s departure back to Phoenix. Gosh, I miss her! Anyways, my Garmin worked and picked up satellite without trouble. I was cruising. Cruising with some serious speed!!! Speed that I did not set out for. Three miles concluded and I was averaging a 6:50 pace! Woweeee!

The following day I was pressed for time. There was no run that could be penciled in my schedule unless I woke up at 4a. That was not happening. Instead, come the evening hours, I was met with voluminous text that I had to read in an effort to construct some semblance of a ten page research paper. Sorry running. #prioritiessuck

The next following following day I came home from work after missing my bus by a minute. I got home 30 minutes late. No biggie. I had slight agitation but that’s because my armpits were sweating. Ugh! Don’t get me wrong, I love to sweat-so long as it’s when I’m running!!! I just don’t like to sweat when I’m nicely clad, okay? Anyway, I managed to get my sweaty armpits and the rest of me home. I changed clothes and left to go run. I was determined to run outside for 10 miles. I was fully aware of the humidity and heat. So mindful that I even put sunscreen on. I hit “Run” on my Garmin and off I went.

Hmmm. My Garmin flashed “6:25”, then “12:30”. Seconds later, “7:10.” What’s going on? Why is my Garmin fluctuating between speeds every ten seconds? I was thinking, 12 effin minute pace? Are you efffing kidding me? I walk faster than that! The whole time my Garmin was acting a fool! The pace spread was absurd!!! Do I need another new Garmin!?! Needless to say, my ten mile effort was destined to fail. The heat and humidity dehydrated me like no other and my darn Garmin flashing an erroneous pace messed with my head. The only good coming out of this run were the following three things: 1) I lost a lot of weight per the scale (yeah right-I’m dehydrated) 2) one glass of wine or one beer will have me buzzed (what a cheap date!) 3) I burned off some calories!!! (Hello gummy bears!!! Or a second glass of wine!!! Wohoo)

So here we are today. Good ol’ Friday!!! I should only be so happy, right?!?

Hmm. Let me explain. It was a day! I got home and the puppies barked at me while I walked through the door. I told them that I was barked at all day and that I would appreciate it if they loved on me instead! So barks were transformed into puppy kisses and wiggly butts! How blessed am I? Like seriously, be jealous, wiggly boxer butts ROCK!!!!

I began to think about lacing up for a quick run. I glanced at the clock. It was too close to our dinner plans. Instead I looked to tequila to lessen my stress. One shot later and surrounded by wiggly butts, I realized something….I realized that sometimes things fail (like my Garmin Forerunner 620- the first one, the second one, and perhaps now the third one). Things fail for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes they fail because people make quick fixes that can’t be sustained. Sometimes things fail because it’s foundation is cracked. Sometimes it fails because the technology used to support it is archaic…and when you realize something no longer serves the user….well…with careful observation, and analysis, sometimes it’s best to put that shit to rest. RIP.

To start anew, you can’t recreate, modify, or revise what’s inherently broken. You have to face the fact that sometimes you’re left to make hard decisions. You can’t see what could exist if you’re stuck looking at the monstrosity of what currently exists. It cripples vision and creativity and instead promotes antiquated and dogmatic thinking. Sometimes you have to break the mold, by tearing it down, and testing its limits. I’m certain Garmin has employed this methodology-remember the Garmin brick? The Garmin 305? Ya, I’d say they’ve explored options they were fearful would fail! Lord knows I have with my running. But you can’t be immobilized by a fear of failure. I could only hope that we all maintain this mindset in our professional and personal endeavors.

What I’m learning is that we can’t be afraid to deconstruct the status quo. We need to challenge it. Better things will come from it. Don’t be immobilized by the “barking” orders of those that don’t share your vision. They bark. And yes, it’s fierce. It’s intimidating. The barking might just make you coward. But what if I told you they don’t draw blood when they bite, because well, their teeth aren’t sharp. Their teeth are too dull from their tongue pressings against them with the constant complaining

Stay confident. Stay riveted in your ambitions!

If you run away from the crucifixion you may miss the resurrection!

End o’ story!

Thanks for reading!!!

Happy running,



2 Responses to “You Can’t Have a Resurrection Before the Crucifixion”

  1. Lucy July 6, 2014 at 12:11 am #

    This might not be the problem with your Garmin, but make sure your watch is set to lap pace or overall pace instead of instantaneous pace. If it’s on instantaneous pace, it will jump around like crazy. I was having that same problem with my watch for a while before I figured it out.

    • valerietoth July 27, 2014 at 11:26 am #

      Lucy, thank you so much for taking the time to comment and provide me with that information. I will have to do what you recommend! I bet it’s the fix! Thank you again! 🙂

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