Fat(ass) Heart ❤️

2 Jun

Hello friends,

I read this and figured I just had to share! I couldn’t help but to have my heart dance with happiness because after all, if it weren’t for my running, my sweet tooth would have the best of me and my heart wouldn’t be the only fat thing!

Thinking about it, my heart is fat because it is full of love and admiration for everything and every one. I can’t help but to feel everything, and sometimes too deeply. I am easily anguished by the adversity that others are faced with and all I want to do is help them. I know I can’t but I want to. Whenever there’s a crisis (internally/emotionally, physically, globally) I try to stay positive and help in any way I can. I recognize that a crisis can be okay because it helps us sift through the bullshit that doesn’t matter, leaving us with the few items that we truly need. I get that. I get that less is truly more – without a doubt. I get that there’s beauty in pain. And when I experience that kind of emotional authenticity, I’m riveted!

My heart is full of love for all. Sometimes I’m not the best Christian. Sometimes I need to take a step back and remember to inhale and exhale love – a love that knows no prejudice. My heart, when I’m not blinded with frustration, anger, sadness, (we are all human), wants to love others more completely.

And that my friends, that is why I have a fat(ass) heart!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

Now off for a run!





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