Ragnar Relay

9 May


It’s time!!! We are fueling up for our Ragnar Relay here in Cape Cod! My first leg is 12.8 miles but not for a few more hours!

So far the experience has been incredible! I’m loving our team and can’t wait to get this race on!


Happy running!




2 Responses to “Ragnar Relay”

  1. sarah June 12, 2014 at 9:58 am #

    I just finished my first ragnar in Chicago Illinois! I loooved it. My team ……the whole thing. Was incredible. I love your blog and your just adorable. P.s…..do you find the socks helpful..I want to get a pair.

    • valerietoth June 12, 2014 at 10:06 am #

      First off, thanks for reading my blog! I need to update it more often! I have yet to write about my Ragnar experience and my half PR. I’m so happy to hear you loved your first Ragnar! Welcome to the new addiction!!!

      As far as the socks go-I am a firm believer that they help!!! The money is worth it. I was repulsed by the cost but said what the heck and it ended up being a great investment! They help minimize the vibrations (perfect for long runs!) and help blood flow. After my marathon I was expecting my legs to be throbbing with dull but constant pain-nah! I think it was the socks. Try them out! A friend on my Ragnar team tried a pair of mine for a few of her legs and she loved them as well. She even told me they helped her NOT develop blisters. That’s a win!

      Let me know what you think! Congratulations again on your Ragnar!


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