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8 May

Old about me

A tidbit about me: I love Newton shoes!!! Okay, okay, aside from running. I recently engaged in a major move! I left the West Coast and ventured out to the East Coast for a job opportunity. I left behind my incredible family, my friends, an ex fiancé, and my puppies to name a few. I left behind all that I knew to discover exactly who it is I am. I left behind all that I knew to also discover exactly what it is I left behind. I left my comfort zone. And synonymous to running, leaving that “comfort zone” is when the magic happens. That’s where the progress comes! I have learned a lot about myself through running and it has changed my life. Running has given me confidence, self-esteem, focus, as well as the mental grit to keep going forward when your mind pleads with you to quit. Ironically, running has given me the confidence, the self-esteem, the focus and the mental grit to take on this new challenge. I do have a knot in my throat. I mean, it’s hard to know how to feel when you walk away from everything you know; it’s even harder when you realize most of those who supported you in the past only did so out of convenience. I have done what so many of us think we’re supposed to do: work hard, be successful, get the house, get engaged, plan the wedding, plan the kids (not necessarily in that order). Almost by accident I just kept trucking along this succession plan…

But I wasn’t the one doing the succession planning. It was society. There was no more career path for me in Phoenix. I was tapped out. Again. I’m not quite 30 and I hit a ceiling. I can’t stomach that. I need to work. I want to work hard! Call me crazy! I want to continue to develop my skill set and see just how far it will take me. I want to thrive! Just as I want to in running (I will run Boston one day!). I have to test my limits!!! There was the marriage and kids route if I stayed in Phoenix among other things, but no luster in my career path. It was enough I suppose, but it wasn’t enough to fulfill me in all realms.

I am programmed to please others. I could have made it all work; however, I think I would have eventually resented my path because of the compromises I made. When I took a step back I realized I needed to put myself first. And I did. I am here on the East Coast! I’m learning myself again. I turn to running to find peace, tranquility, and balance. I have mental grit on and off the paths/trails/course/treadmill. I am thankful for that.

Random Quirks about me:

I have an obsession with Newton shoes and colorful socks. I love dark chocolate with sea salt, frozen gummy bears, Malbec wine and a chilled glass of a great Chardonnay (Butter or Wild Yeast from Miner). My family is the utmost important thing to me. I believe in laughter and being goofy. Stay true to your childlike enthusiasm for all things. I believe in reinventing yourself (ya think?) I believe in the run, the race. Stay focused. Stay determined. Never quit. Never stop moving. Keep going forward.

Welcome to my blog! A blog about running and my life between the miles! Enjoy my short stories, lengthy tales, recipes and more!

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