Hello Spring!

3 May

Good morning friends!

I woke up this morning ecstatic to lace up and run through the lush foliage that is all around me. Can someone say, Hello spring!

The spring weather and the scenery to date has been captivating. The tulips are blooming after their long refuge under the snow soaked soil. Just walking outside there’s this view of evolving life that is a source of satisfaction for me. The budding radiant flowers compete for my attention. This is why I love running in this city. The color palette is unlike that of Phoenix. And that is why my friends I couldn’t wait to be captivated by the scenery that is the backdrop of my run this morning — but I didn’t run.

I didn’t run because I can’t put my contacts in! My right eye is scratched and it is ridiculously sensitive to light. I can’t run with my eye glasses on because they bounce with each stride, making my focus intolerable, and in addition, I can’t run when my right eye won’t stay open. I literally struggle to keep it open! The pain is throbbing.


So there you have it. No run for me today. But that’s okay because I’m distracted over the fact I’ve got my first Ragnar Relay Race in Cape Cod coming up May 9—10! Woooohoooo! 200 mile relay here I come! And I’m runner 10 with my first leg being 12.8 miles, my second leg is 3.7 miles, and my third and final leg is 3.6 miles! I cannot wait to experience the thrill and the pain of this race while I take in all the beautiful scenery of Cape Cod — another different backdrop to soak on in! I am loving this! Who new running could offer so many memorable rewards and experiences aside from the health benefits?

Perhaps I’ll be able to get a nice 10-15 miles in tomorrow to prep for Cape Cod. Here’s to hoping my eye heals in the next 24 hours!

Happy Running!




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