My First Marathon!!!

30 Apr

Runner Girl



A month ago to date I ran my first marathon! I began writing my blog about it but my computer in the midst of writing went black. It went all black. All the excitement I had in my beautifully scripted blog compliments of my endorphins, my adrenaline from crossing the finish line after 26.2 miles, and the beer I consumed was evident. But after a screen flashed black a few times and the lights fell dim, then to non-existent, to what appeared as a shutdown mode, or so I hoped, my blog was gone. Ha ha “Shut-down” mode – I call that wishful thinking. The dimming lights were just a tease that the battery might be low. Nope. I realized shortly after it wasn’t a shutdown mode experience, it was my computer died kind of experience. That’s right. D-I-E-D. I felt like my whole life, okay, a part of…

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