Running Plus One

27 Apr

Okay, okay, I got you. I am not pregnant! But I did run yesterday with my adorable and most handsome husband – my plus one! Considering how much he doesn’t like running a distance over 5 miles I give this man a major shout out for putting in 6 miles. 6 miles at an 8:17 pace/mile. How great is he? He endured the humidity that we are beginning to grow accustomed to. A major difference from the dry heat that is Arizona. Ahhh, dry heat! I miss Arizona – especially the dry heat, the sun beating on my back giving me my very own customary sun kissed glow outlined around my running attire, our family, and our friends. But I’m soaking up the glory of what spring is all about here on the East Coast! Who knew that pink flowers bloomed on things other than cacti!? Seriously! Let’s visit yesterday’s run again, back to me running plus one – my plus one is someone I’m lucky to call my best friend. Who else wants to participate in activities that they find treacherous but does it for you to spend some quality time – that’s right, my man!

The whole plus one thing, the real plus one, the Paul and Valerie announcement of plus one – that’s still around the corner, and the other corner, and maybe a few more.

Happy Running!





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