My First Marathon!!!

16 Apr



A month ago to date I ran my first marathon! I began writing my blog about it but my computer in the midst of writing went black. It went all black. All the excitement I had in my beautifully scripted blog compliments of my endorphins, my adrenaline from crossing the finish line after 26.2 miles, and the beer I consumed was evident. But after a screen flashed black a few times and the lights fell dim, then to non-existent, to what appeared as a shutdown mode, or so I hoped, my blog was gone. Ha ha “Shut-down” mode – I call that wishful thinking. The dimming lights were just a tease that the battery might be low. Nope. I realized shortly after it wasn’t a shutdown mode experience, it was my computer died kind of experience. That’s right. D-I-E-D. I felt like my whole life, okay, a part of my life (still significant) that was on that computer was gone; therefore, a part of me was gone!!!! And it was gone­-GONE without warning! My husband asked, did you back it up? What!!! Okay, this is reminiscent of a Sex and the City episode. No. No, I didn’t back it up.  Thanks for the afterthought!

So there you have it. I lost my gusto must-tell-all marathon experience blog post that was riddled with excitement and euphemisms thanks to my  intoxicated state of crossing the finish-line, the endorphins, the adrenaline, and the beer, oh-and the, holy shit I did it!!!! attitude.

As Carrie Bradshaw would say, “After all, computers crash, people die, relationships fall apart. The best we can do is breathe and reboot.” Here I am, breathing and rebooting.

Let me recapture my experience:

Let me tell you about my marathon! Hot damn was it a breeze. Seriously. I don’t mean to sound like a narcissist. I just ran on through it. I was far too conservative with my energy. My first half was at a 1:58:31 and I finished at 3:50:31. My average pace was 8:48. I’m hung up on the very fact that when I was picking up speed to cross the finish line, it was easy. And when I crossed, I wasn’t fatigued, there were no aches, and I didn’t hit a wall. In all honestly, I was waiting for the wall. I was ready to meet the beast at mile 20. But he made no appearance. At mile 21 I was greeted by my incredible husband (he met me at a few mile markes-yippppppieeeee)-his height may resemble that of a beast, but no beast is he. Mile 22, mile 23 and so forth, there was no fictional beast. There was no leg-shattering, I can’t continue beast that beckoned me to quit. No part of my mind, lungs, or legs begged me to quit! For this, I was grateful!!! For other runners, they may not have been grateful-at least not grateful that I was passing them and that I was all sunshine, smiles, and affirmations, applauding them and rooting them on to keep it going!!! At mile 25 so many people were walking that I couldn’t help but to encourage them that they were so close to the finish line. I couldn’t fathom why they would run all that way to stop so close to the finish-line. For me, having been hit with some kind of ailment that forced me to stop, or had the beast won while being so damn close to the finish line would have felt like a Draconian forfeit. Despicable. I wanted everyone to finish and finish strong! I mean I was flying on cloud 9. I wanted everyone to meet me there and not give up!

Hindsight:  What I learned was that when I was wrestling with the idea to maintain the 7:48 pace my Garmin flashed I was pacing, whether I should have maintained it or slowed down, I should have maintained it. Instead I pulled back to an 8:30-9:00 range because I feared the presence of the “beast” at mile 20ish. I didn’t know if I was prepared to handle the beast. You see, the beast and I never met. So I laid low. Too low. I was cruising like a geriatric in an Oldsmobile on a lazy Sunday after church. Or so I felt. Please don’t take any offense to that. If you are comfortable at that pace or a slower pace, or even if that pace is a struggle for you, you’re a winner!!! As for me, I trained to go faster, so that’s why I was disappointed. I don’t want to rob you of your feat!!! I congratulate you! Whether you are a 3 hour, 4 hour, 5 hour, or 6 hour marathoner, you rock!!! You rock no less than those who finish sub 3! 🙂 .

Regardless, I felt a hedonic pleasure when I crossed that finish line!!! That I can’t lie about! I crossed under 4 hours which is a feat for most runners. For me, the ruthlessness of time stung: 3:50:31 to be exact. It was a stinging reminder that I could’ve gone harder and faster. Just how much faster I will have to wait and see until my next marathon. I’d like to know exactly how far off I am from qualifying for Boston which is a 3:35 time for my age group. I won’t know until I cross the finish-line completely and utterly fatigued and on empty. But I digress and remind myself, it was my first marathon, and having completed a marathon is incredible-I need to let up. I will continue to speed down this endless road to the destination of success which is equivalent to a Boston qualification time. In the interim, I can’t wait to discover the runner I will become!


Thanks for reading!!!

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