Running & Sightseeing – My Sight Saw Joe Manganiello!

28 Feb

Today during my run I saw a man that I swear was Joe Manganiello from a distance. If you know me, you know Joe Manganiello and Gerard Butler melt me. Those dang devilish, up to no good, dimpled, shit-eating grins. Whoa.

Suddenly I was reminiscing about Joe’s character on True Blood. Joe’s shirt off with abs glistening under the moon. There I was on the Hayden Greenbelt fantasizing about Joe. He plays part werewolf named Alcide on True blood. Infamous for taking or ripping his shirt off and growling! There I was running and the only howling was from me. It was silent but it was howling nonetheless. Joe, Alcide, whatever your name is…Arh-woooooooooooooo

I was so busy fantasizing that I totally forgot about the man I saw from a distance. I was too busy thinking how I wish I could play Sookie for one minute to be “under” Joe’s spell. I slowed down while I fantasized and managed to lose my breath.

Then when I met reality again I was I crossing paths with the imposter “Joe”. He flashed a smile. I realized quickly it wasn’t Joe Manganiello. Damnit! His smile was nice but wasn’t the shit-eating-grin I fall for (like my husband’s). I would’ve passed out if it had been Joe. And that means mouth to mouth resuscitation. Yes, please!!!

But Joe, if you’re out there…


By the way, I managed a nice 7 mile run. I didn’t exert too much energy until my heart rate peaked when I thought of Joe. 🙂

*Disclaimer-Please don’t be concerned about my marriage and how my husband feels about my writing about Joe Manganiello. We have an understanding. He’d leave me in a heartbeat for Kate Beckinsdale. Something about this Vampire, immortal, death dealing, werewolf theme that gets us both hyped up!



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