Pain In the Ass, Literally

14 Feb

After having been in the air all day, dealing with layovers and trying to avert the winter storm, I made it to Phoenix, successfully. Fatigued. Dehydrated. Pained. My legs were cramped. I had an uncomfortable pain in my left leg. Perhaps due to inactivity. The only way to cure the pain was to run through it. I needed to run. But when?

I was greeted with errands upon my arrival to Phoenix. No big deal. I had to meet the movers, tie up loose ends to ensure the house is ready to be put on the market, etc.

When I was done I found my #newtons and laced up. I reveled in the very fact that my attire was shorts and a tank when back “home” my friends were shoveling snow and wearing what appears to be their weight in heavy coats. I took one step outside and stood there. I let my skin soak up the warmth of the AZ sun. I couldn’t help but think, “Gosh, I miss this place.” Moments later I hit the pavement running. A nice and steady, 8:08 pace for 14.33 miles. I basked in the familiarity of being back home, seeing family, and running on the streets I know in the city that I love.

The next day all I wanted was for my newtons to kiss the asphalt one more time in AZ before my husband, puppies and myself would venture across the country, in a car, for three days. Emphasis on husband, (boxer) puppies, and a car for 3 days. Do you know what kind of gas my husband has, paired with boxers (me, too-he made me add that) I’m destined to be gassed! Lord save me. This trip is bound to be a pain in the ass! And that’s why I wanted one more run…That’s not asking for much!

But I couldn’t. I had assignments for my master’s program to complete, family plans to make, and I had to finalize the details of our move with varying parties. Oh and Paul got me a 90-minute massage, how lucky am I!? I couldn’t miss that appointment. But I really wanted to so that it could free up 1-2 hours for a run. That’s when I resolved I would cancel my massage. That’s right. Cancel it! I didn’t need the pampering. I needed to run. As I was about to cancel the massage my parents caught wind of my plot and ultimately knocked sense into me. I went to the massage.

As the woman was kneading my back, shoulders, and legs I realized just how tense and sore I was. Then suddenly she struck a nerve, literally. I couldn’t believe the pain that radiated from behind my left knee to my glutes.

She asked me, “Do you feel that?”

I shrieked in acknowledgement. I inquired, “What is that?”

“It’s a tendon…it appears you pulled it.”

I was speechless and thinking, oh okay, this is no big thing…Then she rolled over it again. HOLY CRAP!!! The pain shot upwards through the back of my leg to the left side of my rear. I asked her, “Could this be why at random I get shooting pains in the glutes? Like literally, I get a pain and it cripples me for a few seconds to a minute? Oh my gosh, I literally have a pain in the ass, this is too funny!”

Her response, “Yes. You need to make sure you have rest days for your recovery. Your body needs time to heal. You also need to stretch.”

Here we go again with more lectures about the importance of “rest”. I let her words fall on my deaf ears and soaked in the pleasure of my muscles being touched to get past the small talk.

As I laid there on the massage table in my own quiet solitude, I began to think again of the upcoming road trip with my husband and dogs. I giggled as I considered the agenda of the coming days. A husband and two large dogs in one car traveling 2,336 miles. I was excited for the adventure but also acknowledged what a pain it would be stopping for the pup pups every few hours.

I originally thought the trip (or them) might be a “pain in the ass” … The stop. The go. The growling. The barking. Inclement weather. Well, the trip is half over and the only pain in the ass I’m experiencing is none other than my tendon. The irony renders me catatonic.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

We are 1,000 miles away from our destination so please go run a few miles for me as I’m long overdue!


Happy Running



One Response to “Pain In the Ass, Literally”

  1. MyFamilyIsMyHeart February 17, 2014 at 3:23 am #

    You had better give that leg a break!! Good thing you will be stuck in a car for a while. (deaf ears….If you don’t rest it then you wont be running for a long time.) 🙂

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