Snow + Black Ice – Ice Cleats = A Fall

5 Jan

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you are doing fantastic this first weekend into the New Year!!!

I am! That is, I am doing great despite the new bruises, scratches and bumps that I’m flaunting on my knees! That’s right, I fell, AGAIN! What else do you expect? There was snow and black ice!!!

I decided on Saturday morning that I would trade the treadmill for the outdoor paths. I figured the snow on the ground and the frosted trees would make for a beautiful scene unlike the dismal backdrop that is my gym.

I perused my closet and found my gear. Gear that I have yet to sport! I took off the tag on my Under Armour coldgear storm water-resistant leggings as well as the tag on my beautiful turquoise brisk run neck warmer from Lululemon. I had three layers on top, leggings, my Newton shoes and my tech friendly gloves on ready to tackle the 19 degree chilly weather.

shoes and snow

I walked outside and turned my Garmin on. I stood there for 10 minutes looking like a fool as I pointed my Garmin to the sky waiting for a signal. I was just standing there staring at my wrist, waving it all around thinking my antics might help it find a signal. I was just standing there…generating no heat—brrr—when finally my Garmin was ready to go. YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!

I hit start and ventured off.

Holy crap was it slick out there. I was focused on each step. It was like playing tetris. I had to look at every option for my foot placement to make sure my next stride wouldn’t land me on ice which would ultimately lead me to falling on my bum. I realized a few miles in the value of owning ice cleats. A couple of times I was forced to run on black ice and almost biffed. I stuck to the snow whenever possible. The snow was easy to maneuver on but boy did it slow me down.

A few more miles in and I fell. I wish I could say I fell flat on my ass but no, no, I landed on my knees. Both have no cushion and yes I’m speaking of my ass and my knees..I would’ve preferred falling on my bum-anyway-I picked up my speed crossing a street in Crystal City and as I saw an oncoming car I jetted a little bit faster. I was no longer focused on the ground beneath me but rather the car speeding toward me. And just like that, I fell. I fell hard. I got up and ran to the Mt. Vernon trail sign. I stopped and tried to breathe deep to suck up the pain. The pain was throbbing! And then the pain subsided. Or so I told myself.

Post-fall. I got this!!!

Post-fall. I got this!!!

Of course I fell! It hurts worse than it looks!

Of course I fell! It hurts worse than it looks!

Despite the aches I ventured on the trail. I made my way to the National Mall soaking in the allure of running in a winter wonderland. Sooooo picturesque!!! I stopped at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial when I realized that my knees were in unbearable pain. The cold temperature added to the discomfort of my knees. I didn’t want to stop running but I conceded to. I came to terms with the blatant fact that if I didn’t stop I would aggravate my injury which would inhibit me to run for the rest of the week-I can’t have that!


Thomas Jefferson

snow montage

I sucked up my pride and hailed a taxi.


5 Responses to “Snow + Black Ice – Ice Cleats = A Fall”

  1. mtbader January 5, 2014 at 10:29 pm #

    Yikes! Sounds like the taxi was a good call–live to run another day!

  2. afastpacedlife January 6, 2014 at 12:00 am #

    Yikes! Thank goodness you only got skinned knees. Happy winter running.

  3. JA January 7, 2014 at 12:58 am #

    For some reason I don’t slip on ice when I am running, but when I am walking I slip like crazy : (

  4. therunninger January 11, 2014 at 5:10 am #

    hope you’re running again soon. Glad I live in Australia and don’t have to run in the snow.

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