I Did!!!

24 Dec

Hello blogger friends. I hope you’re doing well. Here I am today writing you but things are just a little different. My left hand weighs a little more…Yup, that’s right…I became a Mrs. After this tumultuous year of I Do, I don’t, and back to I Do, I Did! I said, I do on December 19th, 2013.

Isn’t it interesting? I went from I Do, Run…to I Do, choose to wed as well as run. I won’t stop running. Sorry Paul.

 Anyways, we did keep this under wraps and we planned a quick and intimate ceremony in something shy of a few weeks. This ceremony was a 180 from the originally planned celebration that was going to be held in Mexico on October 19, 2013. Paul and I apparently do not accept the conventional order of things as a given and that is why we opted to steer clear of what the masses say is normal and we ventured off into a new realm of ceremonies. Instead of the JOP (Justice of the Peace) nonsense we one-up’d the JOP and decided that North Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona would be the perfect backdrop for our impromptu wedding. It’s like the JOP on hormones…It’s the JOP with added glitz, glam and GQ status. Who could beat that? Not to mention, this ceremony was the forum for family, love, a little tequila and some running shoes. Yes, I said running shoes. If the man chooses to marry me he better don some athletic running footwear, dangit! Oh, you’re hung up on the tequila reference…well if you know Paul and me you know tequila. Also, we decided since we weren’t in Mexico we would bring Mexico to Phoenix…And we did just that-tequila, Salute.

How the wedding came to be…I won’t divulge details as that is for Mr. and me to know. What I will tell you is- wow!!! Holy heck. The lack there of planning was perfect. I didn’t have a trial makeup session or trial hair up-do session. I didn’t have the bouquet of flowers picked out. I let go of all of my type-A tendencies and allowed for things to fall where they should, naturally.  I went along with the unplanned course of details and accepted that it would take me where I was meant to be and where it took me was perfection!!! My makeup was stunning! My hair was flawless: loose, messy and up; highlighting my laidback, non-elitist, non-high-maintenance attitude and look. My smile—real!!! My laugh—-real!!! Paul’s look, his suit and tie, spot-on perfection! The only thing we kept original from the first go around was the engagement ring, my dress, Paul’s wedding band, and our photographers. We 86’d everything else and started anew. The “everything else” came together serendipitously. I am still in awe. And this time, December 19th, 2013 I bet our vows that the smiles were more authentic and the laugh more genuine than what would have been on October 19th, 2013. It took some heartache, conflict and courage to get where we are together. That’s why those smiles you see, they are pure and reflections of our souls that speak, “alas!”

Let me digress…I had my flowers done by Flowers by Jodi. She did a stunning job piecing together a masterpiece of art. I am in love with the peonies and ranunculus that made up my arrangement with the added glitz of the charms. (Look for pictures). I am stunned by Jodi’s meticulousness for perfection and precision knowing that I had an image in mind (separate from the originally planned succulent arrangement) but nothing concrete. What I could have conjured up in my mind is by no means anywhere close to what Jodi provided for me for my wedding bouquet, the corsages and boutonnieres. I couldn’t have dreamt it. Jodi made an idea of my, “this, that and the other” tangible. It was flawless- immaculate perfection! Jodi’s flowers made me feel as stunning as the flowers were!

Moving on…I told you that we donned running shoes. Yes. Yes, we did! But not for the entire time. Only for some pictures!!! My feet were adorned with my Newton Elites and Paul wore Mizuno. Who would I be if I didn’t wear my running shoes? I mean I was a runaway bride the first go round…just kidding, just kidding…Sorry if that’s insulting. I just wanted to add a little humor to a sensitive topic! And again, there were plenty of reasons for my runaway antics the first time…This time, however, I’m in it for the long haul; I mean, I am distance runner-I should be used to the mental fortitude that is necessary to endure eternity. Back to the shoes. Our shoes and captions, “Till Death” and “Run” were the perfect addition to our quaint ceremony making light of what was a heavy situation.  (Look for pictures to come)

The ceremony looking back was more than I could have dreamt of. The simplicity and beauty of being on a mountain reserve with an overcast sky in the late afternoon with the sun peeking through the clouds felt dreamlike.  Paul and I sat on stone edge steps leading up to a Ramada for some pictures. I remember looking around and taking it all in. Every element, every characteristic contributed to a Tuscany feeling. I swear I was displaced in a Rome kind of mentality. It felt euphoric. The whole day felt euphoric.

I tell you this, Paul and my initial miss at marriage for the originally planned October 19th, 2013 wedding led us to an exhilarating moment that established P&V on December 19th, 2013. We may have missed the original date but I am thankful that I went after a career (if you follow my blog) because I discovered that there is a whole lot of freedom when you chase your dreams with the notion that there is nothing to lose. Granted, I may have lost out on our conventional plans of marriage and our somewhat unimaginative, Pinterest wedding bullshit, but our quirky, let’s getterdone wedding was the best thing I could have asked for.

What I have learned is that when you chase your ambitions and your goals you can withstand anything. People will try to tear you down because they don’t understand your motive. You can love your friends and family and give all the love you have to them and for them and pray they understand you. What I have learned is sometimes love isn’t enough to save some relationships. Some just aren’t worth saving. And sometimes love isn’t enough to comfort those relationships because they may feel threatened, intimidated or confused if they don’t understand you. You have to love yourself and put yourself first despite those that ridicule and speculate. And that is when you see the love of those that truly matter (from friends and family members you would have never expected to be your biggest fan) and loves outpour. Those that matter will love you, as those that matter loved me when I chased my dream. They didn’t solicit advice. They loved me and told me to go after my ambitions and reminded me what will be will be. When I put myself first and embarked on a new career despite those who didn’t think I could do it, my world began taking on a new shape. That new shape didn’t promise me a marriage. A marriage was not in my foreseeable future. My new world promised me a lot of sweat, courage and work in a new environment. I didn’t resist the change. I molded to it. And for that reason, I did, I took on a new name. Mrs. Valerie Pouncey. You cannot plan life. You have to open your eyes and see that some goals, some plans (marriage) and some ambitions fall short, but stay cognizant of all the peripheral miracles that occur because it is there where there is magic. .




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