I PR’d, Baby!!!

15 Dec

Today,  December 14th, 2013 I participated in the 12k’s of Christmas 12k. The race started at 10:30a and the forecast promised us it was going to be a cold one with the chance of snow showers. No kidding! And I thought the previous 12k race was cold.


12k  xmas

There I was at the starting line intimidated like always by those around me.  I was anxious because as my friend Greg told me, I’m a “running snob”. I’m a running snob because this was my second 12k and I wanted to PR! (You always PR your first race). Because this was my second 12k I not only wanted to PR but I wanted to PR and make my first 12k my bitch because I know I could have done better…(Sorry for the language).But back to why I’m a running snob and why I was anxious. The race goofed and didn’t chip my bib. How the heck am I going to PR if I don’t have a chip!? The race coordinators told me they’d use the clock time as my time. I said, “Oh hell no!” The clock time doesn’t take into account when I cross the starting line so if I’m in the back I’m going to lose 30 seconds on my time. I’m not having it!

The solution…  I stood at the starting line at the sub-6:00 pace corral. The first corral. I’m not sub 6 minutes!!! Whaaaaat! These people are going to pass me after my first stride. Okay. Breathe. Breathe.  At that moment I was even more anxious. I thought, at least my chipping dilemma is solved.

The race started. There was a sea of Santa Claus hats behind me and perhaps 15-20 ahead of me. My first mile was 6:40. Shit, I thought! Do I have another 6 miles in me to continue at this speed? I have been training hard and fast lately and so I figured I should slow it down to 7:00 or 7:15 but nothing slower.

There I was hitting a 6:40 mile, a 7:04 mile etc. I was doing well. Who was I kidding…I was kicking my last 12k’s ass! I was running across the Potomac River (what a view) on ice, mud and dirt terrain in the freaking cold 32 degree temperature and I was PR’ing!!! Life was good. My hands were freezing despite my gorgeous Lululemon lace gloves that at that point only looked pretty-no warmth. I did my best to ignore the pain and discomfort of my cold hands and focused on my breathing. I felt great. There was no need to stop. There was no burning in my lungs. It was just me, my gorgeously adorned feet in their new Newton Distance U’s and my heart. I was going to PR this race!

What I loved about this race was that the race was a turn-around kind. Once I hit the turn-around point I let out a sigh of relief that it was half over and I knew the markers for the next 3 miles and some change. It was time to kick it into gear and go harder at each mile. And go I went. I ran hard. I caught up to a gal who was about 1 minute and 30 seconds ahead of me…I was trailing her by only a few seconds. Towards the finish line I kicked my legs up as fast as I could possible with the little energy I had left and I got really close to her but couldn’t quite close in.  When I crossed that finish line I saw the clock and it said 50:50. Holy shit! No way did I beat my last 12k by approximately 5 minutes! I immediately glanced at my Garmin. My Garmin said this 12k was .45miles shy of being a 12k. Ugh! I knew it!!! The race wasn’t a certified course and that’s what you have to expect from time to time, but nonetheless my pace was 7:11 per mile. That’s 19 seconds faster per mile than my last 12k so therein lies my complete and consummated happiness!!!

The race today was glorious! It was fun, fast and I had the fire within to own it! I knew from my last 12k that I could’ve given more and today I did. I’m still waiting on the results to be posted…

I think of running how I do my masters program. If I’m paying for it, I better perform. And perform I did. I PR’d, baby!!! Even if it wasn’t a true 12k, my pace was something to be proud of!

Happy running!!!!





12k xmas 312k xmas 2


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