Frozen Gummy Bears & Frozen Yogurt With An Exorbitant Amount Of Sprinkles & Dark Chocolate Disguised As Toppings – Oh…& Boston!!!

13 Dec

When I talk to other runners I learn just how different we all are despite our shared interest of running. We are all in agreement that we run for the caloric deficit running provides, especially during the holiday season that is before us! But aside from the holidays and our fixation on maintaining a trim waistline while we contrarily overindulge with each dollop of mashed potatoes and all its obligatory fixings, coupled with each serving of pie, yes, aside from all of that, what makes each of us “runner’s” uniquely unique? Why do you run? What separates you from me? I might up my mileage during the holiday season to keep the pounds off like many of you I know do as well, but if you extract the holiday season and the excess sugar and fat (oh my, all the things I love!), could you uncover that every runner has a reason despite the season? Why do they run? What does their footprint tell you?

I realize that I prefer to run alone. I run for my own reasons unlike or similar to your very own but I’ve never dived into the true depth of the reasons why I began running. I run now to qualify for Boston but I didn’t possess this lofty ambition from the get go. I read others blogs about why they run and I have a tendency to agree with them but I haven’t formatted my own reasons as to why I picked up running.  What I inherently know is that we all run for the adrenaline high; we run for the intensity; we run to push our limits; we run because we have dreams to be better than we were yesterday; we run for pie-(pecan pie; the joy of the holiday season!); we run to break boundaries; we run to test our human spirit; we run for competition against ourselves; we run because we can and because it renders us happy. We run to stay thin; to eat frozen gummy bears and have frozen yogurt with an exorbitant amount of sprinkles and dark chocolate disguised as toppings – okay that’s all me…

Sprinkles. Where's the chocolate!?!

Sprinkles. Where’s the chocolate!?!

Why do you run? What’s your reason? I was recently asked this very question. When I set forth to answer the question as to why it is I run I couldn’t quite articulate one particular reason. I couldn’t identify one critical reason as to why I run because there are so many!!! I answer the question and state that I’m addicted to the adrenaline and the feeling of being completely clean and empty. Feeling empty equates to the feeling of being cleansed with the body and mind.  Not empty of emotion but empty of that toxic rhetoric dialogue we have with ourselves when trying to make sense of daily setbacks, dilemmas, misgivings, and triumphs; empty of conflict; empty of reserves (nothing left to fuel the run), or so I hope! I continue to think…Why do I run??? I run to cope with life’s obstacles. I run to workout “hypotheticals” and their cause-effect relationships. I run because it is the only time I have with myself to analyze my goals, short-term and long-term, by the evaluation of my day, my days, my months, my years without the white noise and casual interjections from peers/friends/family that potentially pose grave and risky casualties to just that, my goals. I run because it’s my very own me time; it’s my selfish time. It’s just me, my mind and the pavement (or treadmill-because I’m not used to running in 20 or 30 degrees).  What a perfect time for me to decipher between what I believe is right, wrong and where I find myself indifferent. When I finish my run, the concerns that I had when I laced up are almost always vanished. I pounded those suckers (concerns) out with each strike of my foot on the pavement. I crushed them! That’s one reason why I run.

I digress.

Why did I pick up running? Who I was and the reasons I started running  morphed with each passing day, each race, each life event. Who I was at the starting line of my first 5k, 10k, 12k, 17k,  half marathon was never the same person as I was when I crossed the finish line. Each training run: speed work, tempo, intervals, sprints, fartleks, each race, they all afforded me and continue to an opportunity to grow as a person and better yet as a runner. I am not the same person today in comparison to who I was 4 years. I have changed. I have changed mentally, physically and spiritually. I no longer get cramps in my calves at 8 miles. I get cramps in my calves at about 18 miles now.  I run longer and harder (that’s what she said- I had to!). I can endure pain, dehydration, exhaustion and cramping but I rely on my heart, my mental grit and spirituality to carry me versus just the physicality of training and being on my legs for hours.

I see that my reasons for running continue to adapt and mold based on my state of mind and goals. My reasons to run are infinite and never static. Wait… One reason is fixed and that is my aspirations to qualify and run Boston. My running goals provide me the mental and physical stamina and willpower to keep trucking forward during my marathon training despite my legs feeling like bricks planted in cement. I recognize each stride is a stride forward and towards completion of my goals, regardless how heavy my legs feel and how much I may want to quit. I repeat in my head, “Pain is Temporary. Failure is Forever. Endure. Endure. Endure. This Too Shall Pass! Endure!”. The marathon training as I am sure the race itself, is a battle of the mind, the heart and your legs. Don’t give up. Each (training) run is a run closer to my goals. My current goal is to run, run happy, and complete my first among many marathons that will provide me an opportunity to qualify for Boston (one day!). Therefore, I answer the question as to why I run – I run to qualify and run Boston. In the interim, I run for the adrenaline high, the intensity; I run to push my limits; I run because I have dreams to be better than I was yesterday; I run for pie, gummy bears, sprinkles and dark chocolate;  I run to break boundaries; I run to test my human spirit; I run for competition against myself; I run because I can and because it makes me happy.

.   Ready to Run



One Response to “Frozen Gummy Bears & Frozen Yogurt With An Exorbitant Amount Of Sprinkles & Dark Chocolate Disguised As Toppings – Oh…& Boston!!!”

  1. runner1313 December 13, 2013 at 2:14 pm #

    There is a reason why Brooks chose the motto “Run Happy”.

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