Turkey Trots & Pecan Pie

28 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

I want to extend a warm prayer filled with love and gratitude to our veterans, servicemembers, all of who are in uniform or civilian who are committed to keeping our home safe. Today, like every other day, I bid you respect and I am thankful for your continued commitment to our country.

Greater love hath no man this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.  John 15:13.

On a side note I wanted to let you all know that most Thanksgivings I participate in a 10mile run to negate the guilt of gluttony that I know will become of me a few short hours later. This past month I have scoured through websites, newspapers, flyers and all other methods of communication to find a 10 mile race here in D.C. but I have had no such luck. The races are all 5k Turkey Trots.

Not to sound like a distance running snob but I am not too keen on 5ks. One reason being I’m not a sprinter. I like the long run and the mental aspect of the long run. The fortitude of your mind and body synchronized. Back to my point…Although these 5k races will be most advantageous to me here soon while I focus more on speed work, I don’t enjoy them. Why pay $40+ for something that would last me less than 23 minutes? But most importantly, a 5k the day of Thanksgiving won’t even burn the calories of a slice of pecan pie, and I plan on having at least two. Geez.

There were no 10milers anywhere near me so I traded the ambience of the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5k experience with the autumn leaves painted along the paths for the treadmill here at my apartment. I put in 11 miles because why stop at 10? 11 miles with an average of 100 calories burned per mile…I’d say I created enough of a deficit to eat some pie!


Again, wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving. May it be a day filled with love, family, friends and blessings.

Stay warm! XO






One Response to “Turkey Trots & Pecan Pie”

  1. JA December 12, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

    I like the 5-milers on Thanksgiving, 5k is too short! haha

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