Tales From the Metro

20 Nov

This was a mistake. I decided to try the 6:50a complimentary shuttle to Pentagon City metro. If the commute is anything like the commute at 6:10a I’ll get to work in 20 minutes.

The jokes on me. As I walked into the metro, only the yellow lines were displayed. Where’s the blue line? I patiently waited. The screen showed three yellow lines arriving. One arriving in 3 minutes. Another in 6 minutes. The last one displayed on the screen said 8 minutes. As time passed and folks boarded, I let out a sigh of relief. The blue line made its debut on the screen! The blue line arrival time–>8 minutes.

I finally board the metro. It’s a mass of people contrary to getting on at 6:20. I stood grasping the handrail. About three people shared each handrail. Strangers united and we were forced to get comfortable with our close proximity.

Someone accidentally grabbed my hand and overzealously apologized in an attempt to start small chat. I gracefully accepted his apology but told him not to worry. I diverted my attention to my handbag and dug for my phone. Nothing better than to be enthralled by your phone to help articulate the perception of “unavailable”! I glanced at my phone. Shit! The screen alerted me it’s 7:20 and I’m still on the blue line.

I raced off the blue line and headed to the office. I arrived with my cheeks in my seat at 7:30. No. No. No. This will never happen again. What takes me 20 minutes if I start my trek at 6:10 took me 40 minutes all because I wanted to try something new. I’m a creature of habit. Why did I mess with a good routine?

Conclusion: I would rather get to work 30 minutes early in comparison to 30 minutes late any day! Coming in early gives me no stress. I can take my time and leisurely stroll the streets. I can contemplate picking up an extra cup of Joe and maybe even indulge and buy breakfast somewhere without the pressure of the clock.

Today of all days I am wearing my stilettos boots! I couldn’t fit the boots in my large oversized bag so I wore them for my commute (I normally commute in flats). In hindsight I laugh; the satire. I give credit to my running skills as I hurriedly paced the streets in my stiletto boots. I mean I was flying! This will be the last time I try a new morning routine.

As for now, I need coffee. Ciao!

Happy running



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