Good Morning from the Blue Line

15 Nov

Good morning from the BLUE Line Metro. It’s 6:17a and the metro is dead. I’ve learned that people don’t start their commutes until after 7a and that’s when the people watching would be ideal. But here I am. Sitting and watching the early morning commuters at 6:20a. I don’t think many are awake. They never look disheveled but they don’t always look coherent. I enjoy these moments. The observing of the sharply dressed men and women. But really men! I love watching them. They are so dang handsome walking hurriedly in their suits and Cole Haans; appearing untouchable. Then I see a glimpse of toilet paper stuck to their necks and chin. It reminds me at this very moment status (i.e. Salary, title etc) doesn’t matter; we are all human.

Back to the BLUE Line. The weather finally took a turn to chilly but you don’t feel it in the metro. I’m sitting here on the BLUE Line and I notice the gentleman to my right is holding on to the rail. He’s older. He’s dressed sharp. Dressed to the nines (almost everyone is), and he is sporting a heavy black coat, gloves, and a slight mustache or shadow of facial hair (for what I assume is for #mo #movember #november #movember #movembernovember; mens health awareness). Let me reiterate. A heavy coat and gloves. I get the gloves. I get the mustache. I don’t get the heavy coat.

I don’t quite understand the heavy coat because as a Phoenician I find the temperature this morning tolerable. It’s 30 degrees. Or perhaps 30ish degrees. I’m dressed warm. True. I’m not not dressed for extremely cold conditions but I am comfortable. I am warm. There’s no blizzard in the forecast. So I chuckle about this man’s attire because as a Phoenician, it should me in the heavy coat.

This chilly morning I have on my white and black polka dots slacks, a black turtleneck, one of my favorites gray scarves from Road Runner Sports (come to think of it I should order the other one in black. Santa if you’re listening?) my black Ralph Lauren jacket and my $16 Nikes to boot! $16!!!

I mean I wouldn’t run in these Nike’s but they retail for $75ish to $150ish. You could say I committed petty theft. Anyway, these are my fashion forward Nike’s. I can’t help but to think, Gawd athletic gear is sexy. Or do I think solely Nike athletic gear is sexy? (I’m staring at my shoes…) The entire gamut of it all-the whole athletic look thing—>embodies sexy (In my humble opinion).

Sure the tight compression pants show off every curve or lack there of. I recognize I have no arse thanks to distance running. Please refrain from telling me to do squats … I do. However, 50+ miles a week negates my efforts. Let me get back to the point.

The shoes are my daily commuters. No sprints or distance runs will be logged in these fashionable gems! But first I must rave: these Nike’s are black with a silver swoosh. The bottoms are adorned with the glorious combination of white, neon green and a slim outline of black. These kicks are the freakin shizzle!!! I actually think they make my morning brighter. No joke. Welcome to the world of me and my obsession with Nike. It’s the little things that make my days.

Okay. Back to the topic at hand…again. It’s truly not that cold yet. Or is it? Is this what they are taking about!? Is the older gentleman on the metro trying to prelude to something by sporting a heavy winter coat prematurely? Is it premature?Should I expect to be froze here soon? To date I am comfortable with what 30 degrees feels like.

I’m beginning to look like I belong here. I have the jackets. Yes that’s plural. Jackets. I dress appropriately with the exception of black leather gloves. I carry a tote that is refuge to my pink umbrella and choice of stilettos for the day. I frolic around the city in my flats and relish in the moment when I get to adorn my feet with the gorgeous collection of my heels when I settle in at the office. I even wear the earbuds as I walk around the streets as a deterrent to avoid engaging with the psychiatric patients … ehhhhh…ya. It’s not every day I meet this “psychiatric someone” but I prefer to deflect the probability of it happening again…

Regardless of that, I am blissfully happy. Living in the now. I’m taking this all in. Who would have thought my dreams would have led me here. I’m in awe!!! This feels so right!!!

Thank you for believing in me friends.

Please enjoy the pictures!




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