Friendships and Airports

30 Sep

I am suddenly alone while not being lonely on a Sunday evening with my iPhone plugged into an airport power outlet at an airport lounge, sipping chilled Chardonnay waiting for my flight from Albuquerque to Phoenix to depart.

I am sitting at an airport lounge, people watching and reminiscing over the beautiful weekend I just spent with my good friends, their adoring family and their newest addition, Abigail. I can’t help but to think just how much time I have lost out with them over the years and for no real reason as to why. I know partial blame should be assessed to our busy lives…but in my heart of hearts, I’m cognizant that we all could have tried a little harder to make time for each other. But that is the past and the strength of our friendship, although tested, remains in the present and our future; let bygones be bygones. But as I sit here I do reflect. And reflection forces you to be honest. And if I’m going to be honest, I have to accept accountability. Therefore, since accountability matters, I have to own my part in our friendship conundrum. Truth is, I could have worked a little harder to make our friendship stronger rather than strained. I hope you are reading this D and Sean as I never wanted that. I’m sorry. I love you guys. Looking back I see I was focused on making my relationship at the time work and I hadn’t recognized the damage I was doing to our friendship. I can’t help but to think, “Isn’t hindsight a bitch!” (or for Abigail’s ears, a [butterfly]!)

And as the time continued to pass this weekend I found myself relishing in the moments of comfort that are Deanna, Sean and I (now with a little added flare I like to call, Abigail). I couldn’t help but to take photographic memories of what was transpiring before my very eyes this weekend so that I could store them in my mind and retrieve them for when my heart aches for comfort. I imagine I’ll need comfort and familiarity in my coming days as I prep to move out of my comfort zone I call, Arizona. By the way, thank you guys for believing in me and supporting me all the way through with this incredible, unfathomable discourse from what was going to transpire (my heart remains heavy and aches) … XO

The truth is it’s been years since I have enjoyed the company of my dear friends and we have picked up like no time had passed. I love them. More than words could rightfully express. The reality is they are no longer just Mr. and Mrs. They are: Mr. and Mrs. plus One. And wow! The plus one!!! No matter how great plus one has changed their lives, seeing Mr. and Mrs. in action with plus One as partners blew me away. I sat on the sidelines this weekend and observed…I observed what I once knew of Mr. and Mrs. and saw how they have transcended into a masterpiece. They are a masterpiece of love, adoration, chaos (constant commotion), a crying baby, partnership, friendship, laughter, sarcasm, humor, etc. Their partnership has always been solid but with the addition of baby A, their partnership is even more solidified. I took a step back and watched them through my rose colored lens and felt peace and comfort.

Granted, I know relationships are work and it’s never perfect but my friends make all the “manure” look like it’s worth going through. And I laugh I as recollect that the most beautiful of roses blossom from the strategic gardening methods using said “manure”… I mean, a little shit never hurt anyone! I don’t mind, nor have I ever minded, putting on my gardening boots and stomping through the shit.

I’m laughing again because Abigail taught me a lesson this weekend: regardless of her beauty and doe-eyes she comes with a little shit (literally)! Like 3 times in 3 hours and boy was it stinky! But that’s the comedic relief in it all-We all have a little shit, both figuratively and literally speaking. If you can laugh when life or “shit” happens you’re doing well!!! The “shit” should remind you that you’re only one step closer to the sweetness, the reward, the blossom of your hardwork, sweat and tears-The rose bud does bloom.

This weekend I saw firsthand that although my friends look to lead a perfect life: their life, like my life, like your life, well, it isn’t always perfect. Our lives our intertwined with heartache, stress, and love to name a few with fleeting moments of spontaneity and magic which makes the “shit” worthwhile. And my friends are a fine example of how to muddle your way through it all and come out smelling like a rose. They are strong. They are courageous. They are risk takers. They are brave. And they are lovely partners and parents with hearts of gold while also having the patience of saints.

My friends have gracefully shuffled their way through their “shit” and in between it all have found peace, beauty, love, and tranquility. To top it off they have been blessed with the birth of their beautiful, gorgeous, incredible, squish”able” baby girl…(now 13 months old).

I love you guys. Thank you for showing me and teaching me how incredible it is to have your best friend as your partner. And thank you for showing me how incredible the roses smell, even though you may have to trudge through the shit first.

I miss you guys. I am thankful and blessed for our friendship. It’ll never go this long again without communication. I’m sorry for my “shit”. I look forward to our garden of friendship!!! XO


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