I Found You, Ms. [NO] Booty

4 May

ms no bootyI told myself I was going to run Boston one day, and one day soon. This has been my goal since the moment I realized I was actually pretty dang good at this running thing. So I started to follow a plan. I followed a half marathon plan and loved every grueling moment…I ran my first half in October 2012. It was remarkable. The adrenaline, the pain, the sweat, the sweet satisfaction of finishing, and then the thought that I didn’t give it enough (because I was still breathing!!!!) made me want to work harder so that I could be faster. It’s this selfish addiction that you feed off of. So I continued to train for a half marathon when I realized, why just train for half? I can run 13.1 miles no problem! And considering I have no coach and it’s just me against me out there (on the pavement or treadmill), I ain’t half bad! I am pretty dang proud of myself considering the facts. So I decided to start training for a full marathon. That’s right. 26.2 miles. That’s 26.2 miles I can call my own-one day.

So I looked up the Hal Higdon training guides and decided I would embark on this new journey, “Marathon Training Guide-Intermediate 2”. Who says I can’t be a domestic kind of woman, playing the role of a fiancée, working full time at a job that demands me to keep up with new directives every few hours while also shifting priorities, plan a wedding out of the country, prepare dinner, keep the house clean, walk the dogs, stay in touch with family and friends, and train for a marathon? Paul, my fiancé tries to support my goals but makes it very apparent that he is anti-marathon training, especially before our wedding. He warns all men out there, “Save an ass. Say NO to running!”. It’s rather cute, isn’t it? Granted I didn’t intend on losing my rear with my running addiction, it just happened. And although Paul supports my goals and desire to run and qualify for Boston one day, he hates how running has made me a little too thin in his opinion (I disagree) and stole my butt from him (because it was his to start with, right? Ummm NO!). The point is, I thought I could do it all. But reality set in and I learned reality bites. Reality bites and running steals your derriere. He has gone so far as to sing the Bubba Sparxxx song to me titled, “Ms New Booty”, and sings, “I found you Ms. [NO] Booty…” instead of, “I found you Ms. New Booty…”. Clever.It definitely makes me laugh.

I found in the past four weeks that I was trying to keep up with myself and I was failing. I wasn’t failing miserably but I sure was letting myself down. I was mentally drained every day from work over the course of the past month and when I got home, I begged for silence and solace. I needed a break from the bustling world outside and just needed some time for me. Normally that’s why I turn to running. Running is “me” time. But this time I couldn’t turn to running. I couldn’t face running when it knew I wouldn’t give it 100%. I felt so much shame! I ran a few days a week but I didn’t log the miles I wanted. Paul didn’t confer his opinion about it but I know he was silently celebrating the fact that I wasn’t running my normal weekly miles. He was probably thinking I might gain a pound or two so he wasn’t complaining!!! So he just sat there, conversing with me about all subjects other than running…he did a swell job at avoiding the subject completely!

To add insult to injury, not only was I exhausted from work, I was (still am) suffering awful seasonal allergies. I have avoided the beautiful Arizona spring weather and opt to run indoors at the gym so that I can breathe. Arizona in the spring is gorgeous. Perfect weather all day long! You could actually go run outside at noon and feel comfortable! Come mid-May, I’d be crazy to run outside at 11a! The time to run outside in Arizona is now or never. I have chosen never! I tried to run outside recently and I felt like an asthmatic begging for air in my lungs. I couldn’t catch my breath and my lungs ached without sprinting or doing intervals. It was awful. I am still currently suffering allergies and a sinus infection which tends to make running less than desirable. So I find myself in the kitchen prepping dinner most evenings instead of the gym. I didn’t nor do I currently know how I feel about this. It feels a little good and little bad… I have been indulging a little too much on the days I don’t run and it makes me feel guilty. Ummm hello, I have a wedding dress to look great in in October!!! I can’t be indulging every moment I want to (which is all the time!)!

So here I am, vowing to get back at it full force. I am going to re-start my marathon training. I am not going to pick up where I left off because I missed logging too many miles over the past month and it would be asinine of me and far too painful on my joints and pointless to attempt to make up the miles without inducing an injury.

I ran 8.10miles at 7:33 pace today. It felt good. Shit, who am I kidding, it felt great! Today marks my pledge to start at my marathon training again. Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1. I will with all my heart and soul. No excuses! Even if I lose my booty in the process…(Sorry Paulie)




2 Responses to “I Found You, Ms. [NO] Booty”

  1. MyFamilyIsMyHeart May 5, 2013 at 2:03 pm #

    Paul is too funny…..thankfully I was never good at running. So my hubby never has to worry about that. My best “ass”et is my booty! LOL

  2. Mom May 6, 2013 at 8:36 pm #

    Val, u r too too funny!! I truly feel like u actually have a little Val devil on one side of you and a little Val angel on other side, chatting with u !! Your latest run is excellent! Wow, and wow! I don’t know where u get ur crazy running commitment “addiction” from, certainly not me! I think it’s all the carrots!!! Love u! Via la running!!! Think Forrest Gump:)

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