Pray for Boston

16 Apr

People dream of qualifying for Boston. I dream of qualifying for Boston. My heart and prayers are with those that made their dreams of Boston come true to only have their triumph overshadowed by such deplorable actions yesterday. My prayers and thoughts are with all the runners, non-runners, spectators, families, police, aide, volunteers; all those that are supporters of our dreams. In moments of tragedy we need to look past the violence and evil that shatters the human spirit as it is only temporary. We need to look and see all the good, all the helpers and love and comfort strangers provided to other strangers in the moments of fear.

We cannot be afraid of these actions. We need to band together and continue to live our lives and follow our dreams.

Let us pay tribute to all those in Boston yesterday by wearing a race shirt, by going on a run, by prayer…to each their own.

We can show the world that as a community, especially a community of runners, that we are a different kind of breed that push forward through the pain!!! 26.2 miles after all is no walk in the park. We runners are resilient, we are fighters and have strength unbeknown to even ourselves until we are pushed to our limits. Evil will never break our spirits.

God Bless.

Pray for Boston.



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