Life is Busy

7 Apr

Saturday morning. 8am. I slept in! I wasn’t working O.T. this weekend because it wasn’t offered and instead of rising early to hit the pavement for a 10 mile run, I slept in and took leisure in my morning coffee. Agenda for the day: create a scrapbook masterpiece for my girlfriend’s baby shower the next day, sneak in an early afternoon run, check out a wedding store with my fiancé and mom-to-be, then partake in The Rave Run-A 3.1 mile course of adrenaline pumping music and lights in the afterglow of the Phoenix Sun. I couldn’t wait for the day to start!

One hour into my scrapbooking I receive a call from my dad telling me he was at my front door ready to conquer the eyesore that is our back patio. Fortunately, we have a back patio. Unfortunately, the contractors that put it up years ago did a half-assed, lazy job. The structure couldn’t weather the Phoenix monsoons and each storm meant more drywall would fall to the ground. Back to my point-Dad was a day early.

Dad had brought a friend, Braden to help out. So there they were, Paul, my dad and Braden, three very capable and strong men equipped and ready to conquer the rotten drywall and damaged wood beast we call our patio. It won’t taunt us anymore! As the men worked in the back, I worked inside, free from the blazing sun and sweat. 

Hours passed by and I was finally done scrapbooking…Geez! What a time commitment! It turned out great and I can’t wait to gift it to my beautiful friend!  it was now one o’clock. Five hours just sped on by and I realized I wasn’t going to have time for my run. I checked on the men for the umpteenth time to make certain they were hydrated. I offered them water, beer, Gatorade? They looked so parched from the Arizona sun and it is only April! 90 degrees and it’s only April! One look at these men and you can see they caught a few shades of red on their skin…

The men couldn’t salvage much of our patio. A few trips to Home Depot and we realize our patio will be close to brand spanking new. I now understood why my Dad showed up a day early. This was by no means a one day project. This would take a few days. Paul and I wrestled with the idea that we may have to cancel on his mom. We decided the back patio has been begging us for some TLC so we obliged. Looks like there are no wedding plans happening today.

The men continued to tend to their project as I decided to clean the house, organize and do the laundry. I was of no use to them. I do love being handy and don’t mind doing the yard work and the laborious stuff. I can pull my hair back and get all grimy with the best of them. But the truth is, there were already three of them on the roof of the patio and Braden almost fell through three times. If I offered my hand, I’d be in their way and I probably would’ve fallen through the roof myself. Wouldn’t that be a site? 

I resolved I was better off in the house doing my domestic chores until I realized I could put in a run! I walked out to say good bye to the men when I quickly realized it was to dang hot to run outside. 2:30 in the afternoon in April and I couldn’t fathom running outside. The thought dehydrated me! Damn it, Phoenix.

I hopped in my truck and headed to the gym. What was I thinking trying to incorporate a 10 mile run in an April afternoon? I got to the gym and plugged my data in the treadmill. Here we go. As I ran I was periodically cooled by the gym’s A/C. It felt so dang good, equivalent to a nice breeze that blasts against your wet skin, temporarily cooling you off on a warm day. 

45 minutes and 6.25 miles later I was a sweaty mess. I smirked at the notion that I would be even more drenched in sweat had I ran outside. I concluded my run early because I figured it was time to get back to the men in the event they needed me. You know, to offer them water, beer, Gatorade, food? ha ha. I jumped off the treadmill, glowing in sweat and trying to catch my breath! I love the feeling of pure adrenaline and exhaustion. It means I just performed a good, solid, hard run and that gives me this sense of euphoria. It makes me feel accomplished and rejuvenated!

As I was leaving the gym, a feeling of gratification came over me. With all that was on our agenda I was still able to incorporate a run in today…Make that two runs since The Rave Run is tonight. (although it is a fun, non-competitive run).

Although I didn’t run outside and I didn’t run my scheduled 10 miles, I managed a long laundry list of to-dos today. Our backyard is one step closer to being luxurious, I created a beautiful gift for a friend, I did my domestic duties, I ran, and now I get to run a fun event with my fiancé. 

I’m learning that life is busy. But spending time on doing things that matter with those that matter, is invaluable!

Happy Weekend!!!

And Happy Running!  



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