My Night Table

28 Mar

My night table is stacked with magazines. There is a collection of Women’s Running, Running Times, Runner’s World, Fitness, Self, Muscle and Fitness Hers etc. It’s incredible! These magazines accumulate not because of an annual subscription but more like because on a whim I pick one up thanks to the curiosity that hits me when standing in line at the grocery store (primarily Sprouts) when there is only one cashier working on a double ad Wednesday. (Double ad Wednesday people!!!) Needless to say, the cashier often works as fast as he/she can all the while there are typically four people in front of me. It appears we are always stricken with boredom while in line if we aren’t being entertained by our phones. If we don’t pull out our phones and tune in to the social media sites, text, or make a call, our hands become restless and idle and become desperate for activity.

And then my mind registers the excess of magazines at eye level. There is an array of magazines well placed to capture the attention of the very eclectic audience that Sprouts drives in. Like a ton of bricks I am often hit with a sudden interest toward Gluten Free Eating, Gluten Free Baking, Eating Green, Paleo Diet, Yoga and more. It’s ironic because I know it’s coming but it still shocks me each time when I am lured towards a magazine my lifestyle will never mirror. Vegan Health and Fitness… REALLY? I think NOT! I’m not knocking it but that just doesn’t suit me. Yet I’m always so captivated to learn more about it. Then this white light glows down upon a Women’s Running magazine. The word RUNNING sparkles and becomes 3D like. I’m fascinated and drawn to it! I opt to reach for the magazine versus digging in my gym bag for my phone to surf the net. It’s nice to feel pages versus scrolling through them. It’s nice to read an article without my having my eyes have to adjust to the bright LED light. I peruse through the articles in the magazine and boom, it felt like a minute hadn’t gone by when it’s finally my turn to check out. I often don’t become reluctant on whether or not to buy the magazine but I hesitate. If it were the normal gossip trash I wouldn’t protest as to whether or not to put it back in the newsstands. But this was Women’s Running. I felt obligated to purchase it. After all, there are articles that I could actually benefit from reading unlike the who’s who of drama you’d find in the normal People or US. You might know what’s going on with Taylor Swift or the newest drama from the Bachelor or Real Housewives of whichever city, but I know how to avoid runner’s knee and what proper yoga stretches to do after a long run. What’s more valuable? I tell you this, the only gossip I know is from the quick entertainment reports that KTAR, the voice of Arizona 92.3, affords me on my way into work. And perhaps the few times I shuffle through the gossip magazines at other grocery stores. Come to think of it, I like that Sprouts doesn’t have that assortment of reading material. Sprouts is founded on providing their neighborhoods with fresh and natural foods which I’ll interpret to also be synonymous for providing us a fresh and healthy lifestyle free of contamination (ie gossip magazines) 


With that, fresh and natural foods, I might have to add that though it has nothing to do with running directly, I’m addicted to Kale. Kale salads. Kale chips. Kale. Kale. Kale. Kale! I love it. Thank you, Sprouts for always delivering the best and most freshest quality!

May you have a Happy Wednesday! Followed with Happy Running! And a Happy healthy lifestyle!~


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